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An Elephant Giving Birth
This video of an elephant giving birth gets a little intense at the moment of actual delivery and immediately thereafter, but it also made my heart swell in my chest. There is something just goddamned wonderful about mammal and avian reproduction (insects and bacteria not so much), and it’s not just the insanely awesome sight of the baby elephant clambering to its feet and grinning like a holy fool.
Every birth of an elephant, as well as in nature as in zoos, is very important for species conservation because both African and Asian elephants are menaced of extinction.
In most zoos, the existence of elephants is superannuated and still comes from the time of ruinous exploitation of nature. Today, according to the “Washington Protection of Species Agreement”, hunting, catching elephants and trade with them is prohibited. If the zoological gardens want to continue to show elephants to their public, they have to give them the possibility of reproducing themselves and bring up their offspring appropriately for their species.

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