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Magical Monster: Incredible Crocodile Jump

A saltwater crocodile launches its full body out into the air to grab a piece of meat.

The video was captured by National Geographic photographer Trevor Frost, and shows a crocodile in Australia’s Adelaide River attempt to grab a piece of meat dangling from a rope above it. At first, the crocodile subtly reveals its head from underneath the water’s surface, before suddenly propelling its entire body into the air.
The terrifying leap was made possible by the crocodile’s tail which, according to Frost, is powerful enough to launch the massive reptile like a rocket.
“Crocodiles have incredibly strong tails,” Frost posted on Instagram. “Their tails propel them in the water like torpedoes from a submarine. In face, as you see here, their tails are so strong that they can propel their entire body out of water.”

“Watching this croc launch itself out of the water will give you serious nightmares”

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