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Jumbo Pillow & Tiger’s 9-week old Exotic Shorthair kittens were visited by two adorable little humans, our 9-month old niece and a 7&1/2-year-old niece. The older niece in particular is a superfan of our kitty videos, so when the family was in the area, she could not miss the opportunity to visit. She was really excited to play with the kitties, and as you can imagine, could not bring herself to leave the kitten playroom. The kittens, however, were initially wary of strangers, but quickly warmed up to our nieces after gentle, innocent taps by the 9-month old, and through play with the older niece using a laser toy. Their supervised interactions with the kittens were simply precious.

As you can see, introduction of strangers (humans and other animals alike) through play or feeding treats are good methods to make your furbabies feel safe and more comfortable with someone new.

Disclaimer: We have received permission from the parents as well as the kids to publicize this video.

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