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Puppy afraid of Stairs Finds a Better Way

This bite-sized little doggy is having a little trouble with the stairs. But no worries, he figures out another way down.SUBSCRIBE: a chance to be on AFV?UPLOAD YOUR VIDEO NOW: America's Funniest Home...

Drawing a Hole – Anamorphic Illusion

Drawing a hole, anamorphic optical illusion, 3D trick artThank you for watching and Subscribe!You can follow me on facebook, instagram and society6 (links below)FACEBOOK:

How to Draw a Perfect Circle Freehand

How to draw a perfect circle. Learn this simple technique to help you draw a near perfect circle freehand. Could be useful for drawing charts and diagrams, and sketches, or just use it to challenge your friends in a 'who can draw the neatest freehand circle'...

King Cobra vs Domestic Dogs

A 10-13 feet long King cobra battling with a pack of domestic dogs for life. The light tan coloured King tries to escape and defend by itself and struggle to get away from the situation but it was too late to be saved from the well trained rottweilers. The brave dogs...

Dog drives Little Boy in Car

Daisy loves to drive Oliver around in their car. Yes the car is a remote controlled car which I use to accelerate and stop (neither of them can reach the pedals... Haha)... Yes she is really steering it to the left. I steer it to the right... She steers back to the...

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