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Marmot screaming on Blackcomb Mountain

Marmot scream on Blackcomb Mountain. The original video filmed by us can be found on our Instagram account @lonegoatsoap. We are a natural soap company based in Pemberton, BC. Click on our links to check out our handmade goats milk soap....

Endangered Asiatic Lion rescued from Well in India

An endangered Asiatic lion was rescued after it fell into a 60 foot deep well by forest officials in India. One of those positive feel-good stories that go without notice - share this widely and give the forest officials credit for the good work they did that day!The...

Snake Opens Door

*please note*This video is licensed to Jukin Media. I take copyright infringement seriously - do not re-upload this video anywhere without prior permission. I will file a copyright infringement claim with youtube immediately. If you would like to use this video,...

Flying Truck crashes on the Highway

Amazing dashboard camera video of a semi truck launching itself over an overpass. This happened on Interstate 74 near Greensburg, IN. The driver was okay, so I decided to have a little fun with the footage.

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