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I found a baby Killdeer!

Edit [03/24/2015]:
I didn’t know that this would be so popular. I’m glad that you all like the video, and I really appreciate the nice things that many of you have said. Take some time to walk around your local park or lake and appreciate the super cool animals that live there, and please consider donating or volunteering your time with your local wildlife conservation (or other related) groups.
Also: even though it was okay for me to hold the baby bird in this specific circumstance, PLEASE do not pick up baby animals all willy-nilly because it will probably give them tiny little baby heart attacks and could possibly injure them.

Edit 2 [03/25/2015]: Also: I saw a video of an owl earlier today and it revived my extreme desire to meet one. Owls are super cool and I have not yet had the opportunity to see one up close. If you know where I can meet an owl please email me at

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