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The Amazing Racist is a comedy routine done by Ari Shaffir, a Jewish would-be comedian. In the routine Ari protrays himself as a blatant racist in order to film people’s reactions..

The Amazing Racist is part of a DVD released by National Lampoons called “Lost Reality”, out in shops now. It includes this and other things that never made it on the air, such as “Porn Star Idol” and a show where people do absurd things such as being bribed to lick a tramp’s sweaty foot and many others.

The comedian has been ridiculed as a bad version of Comedian Tom Green, who originally founded “instigation-comedy” several years earlier.

Mel Brooks has be quoted as saying “I just don’t think he’s funny”. Woody Allen, upon seeing the skits, said “Creative. But funny?” Adam Sandler is quoted as saying “Who?”. Shaffir has been compared to Pauley Shore and Carrot Top in the internet variety source.

It should also be noted that everyone seen in his videos are willing participants, and that they have all signed release forms. According to other sources, in his Mexican video, the Mexican workers were actually paid to appear in the video.…
This is comedy pure and simple,nobody gave a shit when Dave Chapelle was saying nigger this and nigger that.I do not support or condone racism in any way shape or form.Do not leave me any hate comments and bullshit on this video your comments will be removed and you will be reported to YouTube for harassment
This video is property of National Lampoon Productions and it’s parent companies.

More Info – Buy the video here…

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