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Whilst filming Imogens first time being introduced into her new koala sanctuary at Symbio Wildlife Park, the most adorable thing happened.

She ran and jumped onto a tree then back onto the floor and climbed up the cameraman and gave him cuddles.

Imogen has been hand raised by Kylie Elliot and Matt Radnidge of Symbio Wildlife Park after the decision to hand raise her was made when a much younger joeys mother passed away from Leukaemia.

To see Imogens journey being hand raised follow this link…

For more information contact Kevin Fallon | Marketing Manager | Symbio Wildlife Park | | +61 2 42941244

*No unauthorised of this video is allowed without owners prior consent. If wanting to use for online news feed then approval is granted for embedding the youtube code from our channel only.
Please contact Kevin Fallon via email to: or via phone on +61 2 4294 1244 for more information.

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