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Feline family ties proved essential at a zoo in Japan recently after a newly born white tiger cub fell in to a pool of water, and had to get his brothers to come to the rescue.

Born on January 25 and almost three months old, the quadruplet male cubs were let out into their glass cages for the first time at the Tobu Zoo in Saitama prefecture, on the outskirts of Tokyo.

Initially hesitant to go out in front of a crowd of zoo staff and visitors, the cubs were encouraged by their mother to walk out of their cage and into the outdoors living space. Curiosity soon got the better of the cubs, who began playing around the water area.

Then trouble struck; one accidentally fell into the play pool.

Noticing that he was in trouble, his brothers ran to the rescue.

Grabbing him where they could, it took two kitties at least three attempts to finally manage to pull out their loudly complaining brother.

“We can hear it from beyond this glass wall, it must be screaming really loudly. I wonder if the parent will come to the rescue? Ah they made it!” someone can be heard on the video released by the zoo.

Spokesman Naoteru Yamaguchi told Reuters over the phone that while he could not read a tiger’s mind, he is convinced they had witnessed brotherly love.

For the moment all four cubs have no names. The zoo will be accepting suggestions for the quadruplets’ names from the public in May, according to Yamaguchi.

Meanwhile, the cubs, who had only been trying out their glass cage, will be permanently based there from April 22nd onwards.

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