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Inspired by the cult movie: Baby monkey riding on a pig.

The Cat is called “Alley-cat” and the monkey is called “Darwin”

Darwin was discarded by his mother and has taken one of the managers of The Nile River Camp, in Bujagali, Uganda, as his surrogate father.

They are both under a year old.

Want a chance to meet them both? Here’s how:

On a serious note:

#KONY2012 is very persuasive BUT please remember: Uganda is SAFE. Don’t let Ugandan tourism die because of this missinformation. Kony and the LRA left Uganda in 2006.

UGANDA is safe and beautiful!

If you want to support Uganda, please spread this message and come to Uganda; enjoy yourself!

We’re not against bringing war criminals like Joseph Kony to justice; we just don’t want his legacy to put more people off visiting this beautiful and safe country.

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