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bubble rings at my finest.

Dear everyone who likes the video, thanks for the positive things to say, and please show this to others, I appreciate the compliments.

(Now more importantly)Dear the idiots who believe its fake,
Look at ANY other video that has bubble rings, or more specifically look up torodial vortices, the scientific name for bubble rings, if you think this video is fake. The only difference between my video and others, is I just mastered bubble rings. Also I was in a very large pool, which allows for the water to be calmer and yield cleaner bubble rings. I would go on national television and do the same thing to prove all you “nay-sayers” wrong, if given the opportunity. Also watch the other bubble ring video I posted if you don’t believe it, its another angle and they aren’t all perfect. I have NO experience with photo-shopping or editing movies to even make fake bubble rings if I wanted. I filmed this with my best friend while in highschool and uploaded it to youtube, not to get views but to show my friends and family my talent. Now because so many of you idiots get on here just to comment and say its fake, everytime my video runs I get paid. So KEEP IT UP. Already bought a google smart TV and a home theater system with a HUGE SUB!

And like I said before, as far as everyone else, thanks for the positive things to say, and keep showing this video to others.

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