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Click below to watch last years Festival of Colors video we made!

Song by Scott & Brendo. It’s called “Light It Up”
Download the song on iTunes in the link below.…
Check out their new album:
Free music on their Facebook:

A Devinsupertramp Production
Filmed and Edited by Parker Walbeck
Check out his youtube channel in the link below!

All the aerial videography was done by my friend Chris Newman!

You can contact them in the links below! 🙂

For more info on the Festival of Colors, find out more on their website, and facebook page on the links below.…

Here’s all the filmers who made this video possible.
Parker Walbeck
Chris Newman
Dakota Walbeck
Darrin Fraser
Andrew Read
Stockton Walbeck
Nate Teahan
Tanner Townsend

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