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Not a germaphobe? You will be.
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Did you know there’s more germs on your body right now than people in the USA? Here’s a collection of facts about personal hygiene that might gross you out. Or at least convince you to leave the toilet seat down.

Battle (Special) by BoxCat Games…


Moms contact by Niek Beck…

Female hands applying antibacterial liquid soap close up
Boris Bulychev/

Kitchen Knife on wooden Cutting Board handle Used objects

Black stylish wireless keyboard isolated on white background
Oleksiy Mark/

Realistic mobile phone

Artificial rolled blue grass, isolated on white
Africa Studio/

Old kitchen sponge isolated on the white background

Full length front, back silhouette of man
Anna Rassadnikova/

White toilet bowl in a bathroom
Africa Studio

Horizontal photo of female hands lathering up with bar of soap, running water and bathroom sink in background

Girl breathing asthmatic medicine health-care inhaler


Film Footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc., Used by Permission


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