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Thanks everyone for the views, thanks to all the sites that have shared it on their pages, thanks for the positive comments and thanks to the trolls for the fake/gay comments. I love you all.

That’s me, my (old) car and my house, but the train footage belongs to a YouTuber called rokenbok45. (This channel has now disappeared, so the link below won’t work.) Many thanks to him for letting me use it! Check out the original footage here:…

Lots of people have been asking how I did this, and lots of people think I used a green (or other colour) screen. Well, I didn’t use chroma keying at all with any colour, I rotoscoped myself and the Saab then placed the train video in behind. Yes, I have the patience to do that. It took seven hours and it was all done in one sitting when I should have been in bed. Thank you.

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