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2013 Richard Dawkins quotes “i don’t believe in raspberry” 2013

Atheist:- “why didn’t she just give him the gum?”
Answer:- He was offered the gum but he ‘refused’ to accept it.

Atheist:- “you can test raspberry gum but you cannot test God”
Answer:- You can only test gum if you first accept it. How can you meet God if you refuse him?

Atheist:- “whoever made this video is a creotard”
Answer:- The bible says that the universe had a beginning, a starting point from where all life and complexity originated. Science proves this is true, additionally with the resent discovery of the new boson particle, not only has the bible been proven correct but we have also shown atheism to be completely wrong and flawed logically.

The bible says that life was created out of the earth and sea.
Science proves this is the case.

The bible says that life was created in a certain order, from plants to humans.
Science has shown this to be correct.

The bible says that the foolish will be blind to truth.
Social science studies of atheists, prove this to be true.

These are all well known truths and evidences for the bible, but what evidence is there for atheism? Say it with me – “none”

“Christians number 2.2 billion, or about one-in-three (32%) people worldwide. About half of all Christians are Catholic (50%). An estimated 37% of Christians belong to the Protestant tradition, broadly defined to include Anglicans as well as independent and non-denominational churches.

The unaffiliated (including atheists and agnostics) make up 0.1% and of that, 84% will convert to theism between the time of birth and death.”

The Global Religious Landscape – ANALYSIS December 18, 2012…

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