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After my clients had finished photographing this adolescent male lion in Kenya beside the road, I taped a GoPro Hero 2 onto a $60 radio controlled car, and drove it slowly towards the lion. As soon as the lion saw it, it locked right onto it and paced towards it, came right up to it, gave it a few paw swipes (claws in, so only curious), and then started to maul it, at which point I drove the RC car forwards and backwards in the hope the lion would let it go rather than either destroy it or run away with it. The lion backed off, then came in again later, but the angle of the GoPro was wrong so the 2nd encounter didn’t look any good. Just so lucky with this shot, the amazing evening lighting, the angle to the sun, that the lion approached front-on, everything. Very thrilled with the result. Thanks very much to my safari client/guest Greg for providing me with the video he filmed of this encounter from our safari vehicle. Stay tuned for more, as I just got one of an elephant that came and investigated the camera this evening!

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