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Had the chance to film long boarding with the Ford Focus ST. Watch the behind the scenes in the link below!

I had the chance to film a series of extreme stunt videos with Ford! For this video they gave me a Ford Focus ST, and one tank a gas, to see what adventure we could go on. With this one we got some pro long boarders, and took over a mountain for the day!

We are still looking for awesome ideas of what to do for the rest of our Ford adventures. Upload to instagram you idea/adventure of what you would do with one tank of gas, and hopefully I can use your idea for one of our next videos. Hashtag on instagram #onetankadventure and I’ll be looking back to be inspired for our next video!

The Focus ST used in this video can be found in this link below!

The long boarders were able to reach up to 65mph. And the course we filmed on was closed off to keep everyone safe, so do not try this at home, or on the road for that matter.

Music in the video is by my friends, and amazing musicians, Scott & Brendo. The song is called “Carry On”. Here’s a link to download it off iTunes.…

The athletes/longboarders in the video are Trevor Ovenden, Riley Irvine, Ty Gregg, and Micah Green.

All the aerial videography was done by my friend Chris Newman!
You can contact them in the links below! 🙂

Film by Devin Graham
Producer: Buddy Enright
Edited by Parker Walbeck
Sound design by my friend Dan Pugsley. This guy is amazing!

Ben Brooksby color corrected the video! His work is amazing! Check it out!

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