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The first time I ever did any type of magic, was in 5th grade. I performed in front of about 100 people, and then never did it again until a few months ago. While at Playlist Live in Orlando, Florida, I bought deck of cards and would give them out as business cards after doing the trick (I totally forgot to take business cards). People enjoyed it so much, they all told me I should do magic on my channel. I tried to figure out how I could tie it into my channel, and I came up with this…. “The Magic Kissing Card Trick”

Special thanks to all those who were in the video!

For this video we used a 5D Canon Mark 3 with a 70-300mm f/4.5-5/6 L series lens. It’s very convenient to use a lens that can zoom that far, so I can be far enough away where people don’t notice me, but get close enough that I can see their reactions. People always ask if I stage my videos. Nope 🙂 To be honest, even if we try to stage something, it never works out because people don’t act natural when they know they are on camera and know what is going to happen.

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