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Ninety percent of times, fear of failure is entirely internal. It really is. It’s you second guessing yourself on something that you know you can do. Why do you know you can do it? Because you conceived of the idea. It wouldn’t be possible if you couldn’t think of it.

Let’s face it, if you want to accomplish something in life. Even something huge… build a business, get a job, move to a new city, lose weight, finally ask out that one guy or girl that caught your eye…. The answer on how to do that is already out there. In fact hundreds of answers are already written on that topic. One simple google search will literally give you a step by step process on how to get it done. So why can’t you do it?

Because you think that trying two or three times and failing means the entire idea is a mistake. But do you really expect to hit a homerun on your first try everytime? That would be impossible. It’s impossible. What if you went on 9 job interviews and were blown out every time. No second interview, no call back, not even a rejection letter. You’d quit the job search. You would say there is no point in continuing. But what if the 10th interview was actually THE ONE. What if you not only nailed the 10th interview, but it was the perfect job for you. You wouldn’t know if you were too busy quitting. Don’t look for the 9 failures. Look for the one success. Sometime you only need to be really amazing one time to get your big break.

Besides what options do you have? You’re going to be a drone doing some menial work to make money so that you can go on doing menial work? It’ll never end. If you don’t don’t have goals, you’re doomed to work for people who do have goals. Are you really going to go through every single day not trying to achieve your life’s dream? If you aren’t willing to push through that fear of failure to get what you want, then you have to ask yourself… were you really passionate in the first place? If you really want it, you should be willing to sacrifice a lot. You should be willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING.

What’s the worst that could possibly happen? So somebody says no to you. Or you end up losing a lot of money. You get embarrassed. All of these situations, feelings, or hardships are temporary. They can all be fixed. It’s extremely rare to take a risk that permanently scars you. Chances are that thing you want has much less consequence than you thought it did.

The real consequence you have to watch out for is you not achieving your goals. Of course it’s going to be hard. If it were easy it would be done by now. If everything were so easy, you’d have everything you wanted and there would be nothing left to do. Don’t mistake your journey for being the problem. There are many things to fear on the road to success, but if you don’t get on that road how can you reach your destination.

How could you fear failing, when failing is so important to success. I don’t care if you tried and failed a dozen times. Those failures just told you what doesn’t work. Now you are twelve steps closer to finding out what does work.

You are not alone on the journey. If you only knew how many successful people faced embarrassment, financial hardships, and physical setbacks. Yet these people are now famous for their previous setbacks. In the long run, those setbacks are nothing. They’re nothing. Those events were like little blips on a big radar.

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