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This video was inspired by Shit Girls Say, and we really wished we had been able to get you this video a lot earlier! Please support our efforts to bring you the best films as soon as possible.

A big special thanks to:
Zayneb Shaikley
Navila Rashid
Rana Alkhaldi
Sakina Zaidi
Julie Gras-Najjar
John Miller
Andrew Synowiez
Mohammad Alyahya
Salah Chafik
Junaid Zaheer

This video was designed to caricature and question common religious and cultural rhetoric used by American Muslims.

On February 6, 2012 we were invited to speak at the University of Pennsylvania by the Race Dialogue Project on the stereotypical implications of the “Shit ___ Say” meme.…

Critical Acclaim:

My Fave Video: Stuff Muslims say
My favorite video would have to be Stuff Muslims Say (title edited) by: sheikbake. It’s about funny and awkward things Muslims do. The point is to loosen up the Muslim culture to people and make them see it a different way. I don’t think it was meant to offend but it caused a huge YouTube commotion about a funny Shia and Sunni joke. I didn’t understand at first why people were like that. I mean its just a joke right? Well, the video has different sketches, my favorite being when they showed how much Muslims obsess over what they eat. I guess some people do that. Over all it showed me things that we do that are funny but don’t even notice it. The whole video was awesome. I think the video showed people that Muslims are regular people, even though they do things differently. The YouTube commotion made me think why people made a huge scene about the small joke it was just meant to be laughed at. But the video was a success. It sky rocketed through tumblr and twitter in less than 4 days. I hope sheikbake keeps making great videos that fans will support and love. Maisha, age 10.

Tumblr Love:
violetstormx (…), YOLO (…)

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