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IMG * Laser Balloon Popping Dominoes record set (and submitted) with Wicked Lasers’ Spyder III Krypton (750mW – 1000mW) laser.
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Video recorded at Int’l Exposition Center.
Here is a world record submission video of 100 balloons falling like dominoes in a single file line. If confirmed, this will have been the most balloons in a single file line consecutively popped from end on with a single fixed visible laser beam to date.
Using a 750mW – 1000mW (1W) Spyder III Krypton Laser the record for single file balloon popping was set: 100 six inch (15.2 cm) balloons! This video has been submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records for officiation.

The balloons are held in place by being weighted down with specially modified plastic cups filled with water. This prevents balloons that are popping from knocking other un-popped balloons out of position. The focusing lens used is from a soldering kit’s “helping hands” alligator clips holder. Also to enhance beam visibility a small bit of glycerin smoke was added to the air.

My video here is featured in Series 2 of the Discovery Channel program “You Have Been Warned” under “Home Made Heroes”:…

Disclosure: Though the concept was my own, Wicked Lasers remunerated me for producing this video and provided me with the Spyder III Krypton 750mW+ laser in order for this production to demonstrate a capability of their product. The popping of 100 six inch (15.2 cm) red balloons as demonstrated in this video is not an effect or otherwise performed in any other manner than with a 750mw – 1000mW (1W) Spyder III Krypton Laser with its burning lens and an additional separate focusing lens. Anyone else with a similar setup and skill could indeed reproduce what is demonstrated in this video.


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