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These triplet panda cubs meet their mother for the first time! China’s Chime Long Safari Park in southern Guangzhou City on Tuesday released a video showing the world’s only surviving giant panda triplets meeting their mother for the first time since they were born on July 29, 2014.

The trio are in good, stable condition with the average weight exceeding eight kilograms, said the park authorities, adding that they are strong enough to meet their mother Juxiao.

According to the video footage, the panda mother gently held two of the triplets in her arms. As the third cub was sleeping, she did not want to wake it up.

As the cubs are the world’s first surviving panda triplets, park authorities are in uncharted territory. In all previous instances of triplet births, at least one of the triplets died from their mother’s carelessness or malnutrition.

On November 21, the park began to help Juxiao to feed two of her triplet cubs, which proved a success.

The park authorities said more time will be provided to Juxiao each day to stay with her babies, in a bid to help the cubs to learn the survival skills from their mother as soon as possible.

The parks’ general manager Dong Guixin said that the cubs are entirely able to imitate all the actions of their mother, which does good to the health of both the mother and the babies.

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