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World’s Most Expensive Recreational Vehicle – as part of the travel series by GeoBeats.

Nothing says summer like road trips.

And if you really want to go on the road in style – check out the ultra-luxurious recreational vehicle, the eleMMent PALAZZO by Marchi Mobile.

Although massive in size, this moving mansion can go as fast as 93 miles per hour.

This futuristic moving mansion has a push button roof terrace with a heated floor and other amenities.

Interior greets you with a jet-like staircase – there’s a kitchen area, a large master bedroom, a lounge area, flat screen TVs and the works.

If still not enough room for you – there’s a remote-controlled pop-out function that adds 80% more room to the inner compartment.

It even has a glow-in-the-dark exterior paint which means you will be clearly noticeable at night. After all, for the money it takes to buy one of these, you should stand out!

Fully customizable, it can cost you around a cool 3 million dollars so if you have a few millions lying around, this would be a pretty nice splurge.

Marchi Mobile also offers Viva which they say is like a vip jet on wheels.

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