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The most venomous snake on the planet! This extremely toxic snake’s venom is so deadly that it’s 100 times more toxic that any other venomous snake in the world.

There is constantly a debate on what snake is the most venomous. Some would say its the Inland Taipan, or possibly the beaked sea snake.

But more accurate LD 50 testing proves that is is the Belcher’s sea snake (faint banded sea snake), who’s venom is 100x’s more toxic than any other snake in the world.

Just to give you an idea how toxic this snake is.

One drop of venom from a King Cobra is powerful enough to kill well over 150 people.Just a few milligrams of its venom can kill over a 1,000 people.

Its a good thing its very timid and would take a lot of provoking it to get it to bite you.

It also has a very small mouth and tiny fangs, which make it even more difficult for it to penetrate when it does bite.

These docile creatures usually can be found swimming in the Indian Ocean, and can hold its breath under water for up to 8 hours when hunting. This sea snake can even sleep under water!

Most of its victims are usually fisherman who mistakenly grab them while pulling in their nets.

And did you know, even if it did bite you, it only releases venom into its victims about 25% of the time!

Did you know that venomous snakes often don’t release all its venom in one single bite, because it takes so long for them to make it.

But when the Belcher’s sea snake does release venom, it can cause you some serious damage. Do people actually read the description? If so, answer this question the comments- have you ever encountered a snake in the wild? If so, what kind?

Because it is a neuro toxin that not only affects your central nervous system, your breathing and heart rate, but the poison also breaks down muscle and red blood cells, which then clogs up the liver, causing acute liver failure.

Its a very painful way to die and it could take 2 minutes or 2 days.

While this may be the most toxic snake in the world, it surely is not the most dangerous.

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World’s Most Dangerous Snake

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